Frequently Asked Questions
What is Internal Medicine/Pediatrics?

Internal Medicine/Pediatrics (Med/Peds) doctors are physicians who, after college, complete four years of medical school, and then have four additional years of specialty training combining both Internal Medicine (adults) and Pediatrics.  Throughout those four years, Med/Peds physicians receive training from experts in both adult and Pediatric medical care.  Med/Peds doctors are fully trained as Pediatricians and as Internists.  They are eligible for certification from the American Board of Pediatrics and the American Board of Internal Medicine.

Med/Peds doctors:

  • Provide the same broad range of medical services as other Pediatrician and Internists
  • Have experience in illness prevention, and are able to manage acute, chronic, and complex medical conditions for patients of all ages
  • Have the knowledge and training to provide exceptional care to everyone in your household